Host to IP

Convert Host or Domain Name to Numeric IP Address

What is the Purpose of Converting Host Name to IP Address?
Using VPN is very easy and it is very helpful as well. But it doesn’t mean that VPN and SSH service doesn’t possess any problem. Sometimes, we find it difficult to connect to the VPN and SSH server using its host name. When this problem arises, we need to connect to the server using its IP address. This is where the converter plays its role. The host name is alphabetical and the converter will turn it into the numerical IP address. Once we get the IP address, we can access the server without any problem. This feature cannot only be used for VPN and SSH server but also to find the IP address of specific website.

How Flexible Is a VPS or Virtual Private Server?

When it comes to your web hosting, it is important to find a host that is both flexible and secure. Virtual private servers (VPSs) pride themselves on their high level of security, but just how flexible are they? After all, with shared hosting solutions, you don't have many options - are VPSs like that? The simple answer is no. VPSs are much more comparable to an in-house, dedicated hosting solution than they are to shared hosting. With a virtual private server, you are able to have all of the flexibility of a dedicated server, without all of the cost.

Upgradable Hardware Specifications

Most VPS hosting providers start their hosting plans with a basic hardware package. However, they also will let you upgrade your hardware usage plan if you need to. If you know your organization needs a certain amount of RAM or disk space, or if you have a high traffic volume and need to expand your allotted traffic volume, your virtual private server company will usually be able to accommodate your usage needs with an appropriate plan.

Full Root Access

Once you've set up your hardware configurations, it's time to start setting up the rest of your virtual machine. With a hosted VPS, you are granted full root access, or administrator level log on, to allow you to customize your machine in any way you like. Even if you decide that you want your virtual host to also provide you with a fully managed server, your VPS hosting provider will still give you full root access to ensure that you have total control over your server and its content.

Freedom to Install the Software and Packages You Need

With your full administrative power, you are able to begin customizing your software. Beginning with your choice of operating system, you can install every program that your virtual private server requires. Your VPS host can also provide you with licensed software to increase your server's options and capabilities. No matter what software and packages your domain uses, your VPS machine has the flexibility to both host and utilize them.

No matter what variety of websites your company needs hosted, a virtual private server is an excellent and flexible option. With the ability to customize your VPS on every level, you will be able to create a server that will help your company and its domains to continue to increase their success.