Create DNS and Hostname

What is DNS ?

Domain Name System (DNS) is a standard in technology to set the public naming of a website or internet domain. With DNS technology, it allows you to type or write a name or domain into a web browser (eg and your Computer will automatically find the IP address of that domain on the internet. The key element of DNS is the entire DNS Server that exists in the world.

Dedicated Server Hosting Made Cost Effective

Are you planning to open an internet website of your own? For this you first require to choose a host. There are several kinds-free and shared. Free hosting servers give you the opportunity to have your personal web page. But they will put their ads in this web page as a source of income. Apart from the above mentioned servers you can opt for dedicated server only if you need a lot of space for the publicity of your products. This type allows you full utilization of the entire space available in the website.

With longer bandwidth, and space you get the opportunity to utilize it to the maximum for your business purpose. More innovations and opportunities are offered by this type of hosting. Recently a well known software company declared that their clients will be getting modernized tools for enhancing their online operations, at no extra charge. This offer goes exclusively for the user of dedicated server. This type of server is basically a computer with its own web server software and connection to the internet to be used by one customer only. The process of hosting is largely transparent.