Cloud Hosting VS Dedicated server Comparison, What is The Differences?

Some of you are probably getting confused about the options to host your websites or applications. The most popular hosting options are cloud hosting and a dedicated server. If those 2 are included in your option, here are the differences between cloud hosting vs dedicated server to help you make a decision.

Cloud Hosting

If you need optimum IT performance without a pricey budget or having to buy a special and specific infrastructure, cloud hosting is the right choice for you. Many small companies with various demands and workloads find that cloud hosting is an effective option that can fulfill their needs. Cloud hosting is able to be configurated to provide the level of performance, safety, and control which are equal to a dedicated server.

However, there are several things which are not offered by a dedicated server. Because using a virtual environment managed by cloud hosting providers, you can easily change the hardware by whether upgrading or downgrading it, according to your business development. You can do it with only several clicks without having to experience any downtime.In addition, with cloud hosting, you just need to pay computational resources that you use, such as the CPU, storage, memory, and others. You will also be able to have unlimited flexibility.

A dedicated server

On the other hand, a dedicated server is a physical server that you can buy or rent for the needs of your business. A dedicated server is very suitable for a big company or big organization which requires a high level of data security and needs a server which always runs 24/7. Businesses which use heavy I/O applications such as database and Big Data platforms will find significant benefits by using a dedicated server. Businesses which use a dedicated server still need capacity and IT expertise in order to manage ongoing maintenance.

Cloud Hosting VS dedicated server

  • How fast can you get online resources? With cloud hosting, you can get resources in minutes, while a dedicated server needs a longer time, probably in weeks.
  • What about the security? If security is your concern, then a dedicated server is the best choice for your business. A dedicated server offers better security than cloud hosting.
  • Which one is the most cost effective? As it has been said before, you just have to pay for only what you use if you choose cloud hosting. If you choose a dedicated server, the physical server is pricey.

Those are the differences between cloud hosting vs dedicated server.

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